The Schepis Museum is pleased to present an exhibition of works featuring Rocky Boudreaux. His exhibition, "One foot in the past... a photography showcase." will run from July 1 through August  31.


“ARTIST” – Dare I claim the coveted title? Perhaps “Explorer of the Photographic Arts” would be more appropriate. Indeed I have one foot planted in the photographic processes of the 1700’s and the other in those of the modern day digital realm. I am not the “Historical Purest” some claim to be but rather relish both processes independently and often blend the two. I also refuse to be placed in a limiting category of one or another or to be restricted by a classification of being a Black & White or Color Photographer. My interest runs the full gamete of life. I consider all subjects, methods, and art forms to be celebrations of life which is far too short to be limited in one’s scope. No box type classification for me!


I tend to capture subjects that tell a story or ones that display nature’s magnificence. I truly cannot tell you how I choose what I photograph. I simply let it speak to me and work from the knowledge that I must capture the image now as it may not be here when I return. I subscribe to the Professional Photographer’s Guild of America philosophy; I photograph “People, Places and Things”.

I tend to always ask myself the age old question, “What is art?” with the full understanding that the answer lies in the “eyes of the beholder”, thanks to whoever came up with that.

Now after writing all of that I must also consider that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then shouldn’t it say something, convey an idea, suggest an emotion or perhaps a philosophy. In a world filled with millions of snapshots and “selfies” it is easy for one to lose the importance of a statement or even the quality of an image. I go by a simple policy: If you need to explain the image’s story or make excuses for it then, “don’t show it”. Two of the greatest assets we have are the garbage can and the delete button and I use both frequently.


I also believe that “Art” should be affordable so everyone may enjoy it. All my pictures are made by me personally from high quality archival materials and acid free papers. Even my so called “Giclees” (fancy French word for archival type ink jet prints) are made using archival Epson materials that will last for approximately 100 years when properly displayed.

Historical process prints are created in their original process except for the fact of the original capture and the printed negative may be a digital product. The chemistry and methods are created as the originals were created “back in the day”. Papers are hand coated with measured drops and contact printed.

As most of my prints are remounted and framed by their owners with ones to match the owner’s decor, I use inexpensive frames to act as carriers however, they are suitable for display and the matts are acid free museum quality matts. Traveling exhibits do leave a few charming story telling scars.

Rocky J. Boudreaux  - 02/2019