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Maraki:   Soul - Creativity - Love


Come experience a fascinating group of Louisiana artists!


Delayed by COVID and then by Hurricane Laura... We are truly excited to announce "Meraki: Soul- Creativity- Love" is finally on display!


These artists, many affected by the recent hurricane and more, represent the true artistic spirit in rising above adversity! This collection of work by a variety of artist crosses themes, styles and inspiration. Above all the body of work represents the creativity and love that only our regional artists are able to embody into their work.


Showcase includes work by: Mike Work, Diana Hutchinson, Wendy Boyette, Heather Boston, Lois Hebert, Karen Kinslow, and Garrett Prunty.


Don't miss your chance to find inspiration, humor, and a fresh outlook! Visit the Schepis today to see this excellent group of artist work!