Heather Boston Showcase – “The Queen of Colour” comes to the Schepis Museum now through Feb 2020.


Showcase Reception: Jan 24th at 5PM


Heather Boston is a self taught artist from Gillis, La.  She is a prophetic, intuitive, energy artist who paints mainly with her fingers.  An avid lover of all beautiful things, she paints, sees, and feels the soul.  Exploring depths of the unknown, going the extra mile, and sometimes known as rough around the edges.  Freedom of expression, emotion, her passion for rich pigments have landed her a nickname "Queen of Colour"  Breathing life into dead things has recently peaked her interest. There is life in it, sometimes you have to be the one to revive it!  Using her spiritual gifts, she realized her calling as an art teacher/therapist.  Collaboration of her nursing degree and natural art talent, she began teaching children-adult how to release the authentic within.  Easing the process of spiritual growth, oneness, likeness, pure love of ones own soul....is everything.  One source, that's within, trusting oneself even when the world doesn't understand it.  Over the years, she is known for her consistent, selfless donations to private functions, nonprofits, and benefits. painting Live art at events, and auctions.  Painting it forward.  Her passion is painting LIVE, alongside a band and something that comes alive, get lost in the music, paint and become one with the canvas. She was a chosen artist on LPB ARTROCKS, and her dream is to share her gift.  To show the world, there is more than meets the eye.  Following our inner compass, letting go of expectation, noise, and slip into the heART.


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