About Glen Gore

Born in Columbia, Louisiana, on September 8, 1939, Glenn Gore is a wildlife artist and photographer.


One of Gore's most noted works include a special series of twenty-nine wildlife scratchboard etchings.


In the early 1990s Gore founded the Ouachita River Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization to help preserve the natural beauty and history of the Ouachita River. For a number of years a special calendar was created in conjunction with Wal-Mart. Revenue from annual calendar sales helped to fund efforts of the foundation; unfortunately, due to the rising cost of calendar production and insurance, the calendars were discontinued in 2005. Gore continues to serve as president of the Ouachita River Foundation and plans are underway for a table top book that will feature his photography along the Ouachita and tributaries.


For more information about Glenn Gore and the Ouachita River Foundation, you can visit: www.ouachitariver.org