Traveling, Street Photography, and Painting are my greatest passions. Although the subject matter of my artwork is very broad, I try to incorporate personal experience, familiar territory, and adventure into my each of my pieces. It's my way of sharing a different perspective of the beauty our world has to offer.


I grew up in a little country town in Forest, Louisiana. I've always been creative and innovative with a unique imagination. I would get lost in my notebook doodles at school and still do to this day. However, it wasn't until much later in my early adulthood that I uncovered the hidden talent of painting. And little did I know, unveiling that ability would be one of the most defining moments in my life.


While working on my Masters degree, I decided to branch out with my new talent and educated myself in as many different types, styles and techniques of art that I could. I completed two years of Art and Design courses at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, including Drawing, Painting, Pottery, and Photography. Now, I use continuing education to refresh and fuel my desire to create and currently am studying Mixed Media Painting and Monochromatic Negative Prints in Photography.


My artwork is derived as a direct reflection of my personality, current surroundings, and the way I interpret the world around me.  I try to encapsulate emotion and excitement into my art and want to be known for my artistic ability to grasp and maintain attention with movement, flow, and a fresh perception of the subject matter being displayed.


I like to refer to my self as a multi-directional artist. My creative process is experimental and without limitations. I try to keep my mind open to utilizing multiple concepts, techniques, and styles. Though I try to incorporate many different ideals into my work, my viewing preference leans toward Contemporary, Modern, and Abstract Art. I am a huge fan of both 19th Century Impressionism and Modern Expressionism.