About Annelise

Local, 17 year old, amateur artist, Annelise Claire DeLancy, was born and raised in Vixen, Louisiana. She’s a recent graduate of Caldwell Parish High School.

Annelise’s love for all things artistic began to develop the first time she held a pencil. She took a summer art class, instructed by Mrs. Kim Gay, at the Schepis Museum when she was 13 years old. Ever the perfectionist, she struggled in the beginning when she wasn’t able to replicate exactly what she was looking at on paper. Mrs. Kim was the first person to teach her that art was not about perfection and that she didn’t have to be afraid of color. Then, when she started high school, she took her first art class, taught by Mrs. Tamela King Hutchison. This was her first real experience with painting and she was completely intimidated by it; but, “Ms. King” (as Annelise affectionately refers to her) pushed and encouraged her and, soon, she fell in love with it. By her senior year, she had even begun to assist Ms. King in teaching techniques to her Art I classes.

Annelise’s lifelong love of art and all things creative are constantly fueled by inspiration she gets from the ordinary people, places, and things that she’s surrounded by every day. Her versatility ranges from folk style to eclectic, but all of her work embraces the beauty she sees in simple things.