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July – August – Rocky Boudreaux - I have one foot planted in the photographic processes of the 1700’s and the other in those of the modern day digital realm. I am not the “Historical Purest” some claim to be but rather relish both processes independently and often blend the two. I also refuse to be placed in a limiting category of one or another or to be restricted by a classification of being a Black & White or Color Photographer. My interest runs the full gamete of life. I consider all subjects, methods, and art forms to be celebrations of life which is far too short to be limited in one’s scope. No box type classification for me!


August – September: Main Gallery – Sportsman’s Paradise! Come experience the rich bio-diversity that make Louisiana so unique. Back by popular demand, this exhibit will showcase a variety of works by area hunters and craftsmen that showcase why Louisiana is truly a sportsman’s paradise!


September 28th - September Song!

Back from the past!

Join the Friends of the Schepis as we experience this fantastic, family friendly, event that helps to fund the exhibits and cultural experiences hosted throughout the year in Caldwell Parish.


Join the Friends of the Schepis for September Song at the historic Graves Plantation on Davis Lake Road. Ticket $25/each and are limited to 100 only!


Ticket includes: amazing appetizers, BBQ dinner, ice cream sundae, live music, historic house tour and more!


Ticket does not include adult beverage, but guest are welcome to bring their own!

All proceeds benefit the Friends of the Schepis!

Tickets may be purchased online or by phone 649-9931!