June Camp:

June 24th – photography: we will explore the basics of photography and take a short walking trip through Columbia to practice the craft! When we return to the Museum we will select and print their 5 best images for use in day2. Your child will need a simple digital camera, smart phone or tablet with camera and the ability to connect to the internet to transfer images by email/text/or direct connection to computer.

June 25th – mixed media: using the photographs from day 1 we will create a mixed media collage, including paint, clippings from periodicals, found materials, and more! Weather permitting, we will also paint a mural on the levee together!

June 26th – Canvas painting day! Using inspiration from their mixed media or a designed theme, participants will complete a small canvas work. We will explore some of the basic techniques and then create!

June 27th – Sketching & Water Colors! Taking inspiration from nature we will sketch a scene and use water colors to create!





Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4: